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        How do Kawasaki Jet Ski Kill Switches Work?

Kawasaki buttons are little more than sealed momentary switches.  A momentary switch is not like your normal on and off switches like a light.


A momentary switch on the Kawasaki Jet ski's only work or make a connection when the button is depressed.  When the button is depressed to metal prongs touch a steel washer that is connected to the Ebox.  When it touches it sends a signal to the ebox to either start or stop the jet ski.


  Jet Ski Kill Switch Home


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Kawasaki Jet Ski Kill Switch


IF you are new to Jet Skiing or have been doing it for years the first thing you need is a kill switch upgrade.

If you are familiar with the 550  Jet ski you know that they are supposed to go around in circles when you fall off.  If you have any upgrades or have made any changes the chances of this happening is not likely.

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Jet Ski Kill Switch disassembly


If your Jet Ski Kill Switch Stops working, you may need to take it apart.  It could be your springs or your button.

The following link will give you instructions on how to take your kill switch apart.

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Kawasaki Jet Ski Kill Switches