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Jet Ski Kill Switch

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       Jet Ski Kill Switch disassembled


Jet Ski Kill Switch


Jet ski Kill Switch

If your Jet ski does not start it could be due to your kill switch.  Also your jet ski turning off or not turning off could be an issue of the kill switch.


If you ever need to take apart your jet ski kill switch to replace the spring or fix anything please follow the instructions attached.




Remove the (4) bolts from the back of the Jet Ski kill switch.

Jet ski kill switch back plate




Remove the Plastic plate and be careful not to loss the SS bearing on the back side of the plastic plate.  The start button will come out and there will be a third part that is the locking mechanism.

jet ski kill switch start button removed



Remove the rubber Boot from the green button and separate them from the metal plate.

Jet ski Kill Switch start stop button



Next remove the retaining ring.  Be careful not to loss it as it tends to flip once it is removed.

Jet Ski kill switch retaining ring



Next remove the ss spring retainer.  This is accomplished by using a retaining ring remover.  Put the teeth of the retaining ring remover into the 2 holes of the spring retainer and push while pushing on the stop button with the palm of your hand. Twist the spring retainer 90 degrees until it comes apart easily.  Please view the picture below to see what your Jet Ski Kill Switch should look like.

Jet Ski kill switch stop button

Jet Ski Kill Switch dissasembled



From this point you will have access to all the springs and you can replace them if needed.  In order to assemble you need to follow the instructions in reverse. Please let me know if you have any questions on your Jet ski kill switch.





Kawasaki Jet Ski Kill Switch


Kawasaki Jet Ski 550 Kill Switch small

IF you are new to Jet Skiing or have been doing it for years the first thing you   need is a kill switch upgrade.

If you are familiar with the 550  Jet ski you know that they are supposed to go around in circles when you fall off.  If you have any upgrades or have made any changes the chances of this happening is not likely.

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How do Kill Switches work


Kawasaki Jet Ski 750 Kill Switch

Kill Switches work by using momentary switches that are normally closed.


Kawasaki buttons are little more than sealed momentary switches.  A momentary switch is not like your normal on and off switches like a light.


A momentary switch on the Kawasaki Jet ski's only work or make a connection...

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